DFTBA (Don't Forget To Be Awesome!)

What do you wanna know?

Well, if you’d like to learn a little bit every day and have fun in the process, I’d recommend CrashCourse Channel on YouTube.

Founded by “The Green Brothers” Hank and John Green-- also of VlogBrothers. CrashCourse is brilliant mix of humor, wit, and insight. With blazing speed, the two brothers started churning out videos 5 years ago as part of the YouTube $100 million original channel initiative.

They have since partnered with PBS Digital Studios, multiplying their production capacity.

Since I discovered the CrashCourse Channel three years ago, I’ve found that watching a couple episodes after work is the best way to wind-down and find inspiration for my workout and other evening projects.

While I would recommend to them an email service that would deliver links, in order, according to what you want to learn, it’s easy enough to click on their “playlists” tab-- selecting a subject that way.

You may assume you know all there is to know about World History, Literature, Government, Biology, Psychology-- you name it (see list below). But, I’d recommend working through your favorite subjects first, simply because of the likelihood that one of the speakers will remind you of some key points you have forgotten while adding in some obscure factoids or new insights that have surfaced since the last time you were in a classroom.

I’ve pasted their course list below. And remember to subscribe! They put out new videos every week!